Spa Services

Splash ‘n Dash*

Perfect for post beach pups! In and out service..

Shampoo, leave-in de-tangling conditioning spray, ear cleaning, and towel-dry (returned damp)





Extra long or thick coated


The Dapper Dog*

Our signature bath package.

Massaging shampoo, moisturizing & de-tangling coat

conditioner, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, trimming hair between pads, full body brush out. Bandana or bow and dash of pet cologne (optional)

Small Breeds (Short Hair)

Small Breeds (Long Hair)

Medium Breeds (Short Hair)

Medium Breeds (Long Hair)

Large Breeds (Short Hair)

Large Breeds (Long Hair)

Giant Breeds (short Hair)

Giant Breeds (Long Hair)


The Tidy-Up

Add to any bath. Slight trimming around face, feet, sanitary areas and feathering.


Full Grooming Service*

Includes our signature Dapper Dog bath package along with a breed standard or customized haircut. Clipper trimmed then hand scissored for a smooth finish.






Standard poodles and large “doodles”

Please note our “clean feet” price for all sizes is an additional


Oh Baby!

Puppy package for puppies 6 months and younger. Start while they’re young and your best friend will love bath time… Older dogs are much more difficult to introduce to regular grooming. Includes a bath, towel dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and slight trim around sanitary areas, paws and face.


Blueberry Facial

Exfoliating oatmeal based facial scrub helps remove tear stains and smells delicious! You won’t be able to stop smooching your pooch!


Seaside Shed-less

Includes our nourishing vitamin E and omega-6 enriched shampoo and cremé rinse, leave in coat conditioner and extra brushing. This package is designed to reduce shedding by 80% by releasing excess undercoat, and leaves hair unbelievably shiny and squeaky clean .


Puppy Le Pew

Oh, the beauty of having a four-legged friend… this package will treat any unpleasant encounter your dog may run (or roll) into. Odor eliminating shampoo and/or skunk treatment in addition gland expression (optional) to teeth brushing and breath spray and a vitamin enriched botanical spray to help replenish skin and coat.

Bug OFF!!

Includes our all natural, gentle treatment with neem to rid your pet of parasites (including fleas and ticks) and alleviate skin irritation while helping prevent re-infestation, oatmeal conditioner to soothe skin and control itching, pad conditioner and a vitamin enriched botanical spray to help replenish skin and coat .

Zoom Groom*

We understand that some dogs have anxiety about being groomed, and sometimes the amount of time your pet is here is of concern. Our in and out package is where your pet’s paws never touch a crate. Our focus is on your pet alone, grooming from start to finish. Add this option to any grooming service. Advance notice is required at booking. (Not all breeds qualify) Please call for scheduling.

$ depending on size and coat


The Over Unger

With this package we make over Rover from head to tail. Added to Full service bath and/or full groom. Includes the works: a blueberry facial, shampoo that best suits your dog’s needs, vitamin E enriched silkening conditioner, nail grinding, teeth cleaning and breath spray, gland expression (if necessary), pad conditioner and extra brushing!


Hot Oil Wrap

For our hot oil treatment, we first bathe your dog in our moisturizing shampoo that has a revitalizing mix of organic silk, amino acids, herbal extracts and vitamins. We then apply a blend of natural herbal oils to their coat, and wrap in a warm towel for 10 minutes. This treatment is EXCELLENT for dry winter skin. It provides relief of itching and leaves your pet looking, and more importantly, feeling great .


Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath

The therapeutic Dead Sea Mineral Mud treatment detoxifies, clarifies and exfoliates, naturally reducing shedding. It is gentle and safe to your dog’s skin. Its high concentrations of salts, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, help to relax muscles, ease pain, and stimulate circulation. Minerals and trace elements present in the Dead Sea Mud are renowned for its effects and therapeutic properties. Most frequently the Dead Sea Mud is recommended for dog arthritis. As well this treatment can alleviate dog scratching and dog itching as it aids with symptoms of common skin problems.